Friday, September 14, 2007

[ i NeEd tO gO for iT tOO! ]

I was browsing through some of the blogs that I read frequently and one of it caught my attention. It was about the female lead actress of the Korean popular movie, '200 Pounds Beauty'. CK and I had caught it quite a few months back, so I could still rem Kim Ah Jung quite vividly.

Trailer of 200 Pounds Beauty

Kim Ah Jung

After reading the gossip on the Korean actress, I went to surf the net for more information and found quite a bit on the related topic. Apparently, Kim Ah Jung REALLY had cosmetic sugery, just like the character in the show. But thank goodness, she was not exactly 200 pounds, just slightly over weight. That is not the point! The sugery changed her ENTIRE appearance totally. In the photo provided, she looked like a plain Jane and I bet no one will take a second look. (Prehaps some even choose to miss the first look.) BUT BUT BUT LOOK AT HER NOW! One of Korean MOST GORGEOUS LOOKING actress!

Before & After

Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

Well, if that is what any girl can achieve, I bet everyone will queue to go under the knife. YES! Including myself. No girl is happy with the way she is. (IN MY OWN OPINIONS) Like it or not, girls can always find faults with themselves. Eyes? Nose? Mouth? Boobs? Fats? You name it, and there it is!

Seriously, I will choose to get myself a pair of dimples. That is always what I wanted since young. Maybe I will go for double eyelids as well. Plus a liposuction. YA! IF ONLY, I have the $$$ and I am able to bear with all the pain that comes along with the operation. It is not too bad just to dream about it. Doesn't it? JUST take a LOOK before you answer.

Freaking HOT!

Girly Sweet


Nude is still the best!

Hot Pink ain't too bad!

What is your answer now?